Chimney Sweeping

chimney sweeping

The leader of our team of sweeps, Stuart Greenwood (founder of Soot Busters), has been trained by, and works in accordance with the standards of, The National Association of Chimney Sweep.

He will assess your fire / appliance and then protect the surrounding area with dust sheets before starting to clean your chimney. Either traditional brush and rods or power sweeping rods will be used to ensure a thorough removal of any accumulated soot or tar deposits, alongside an industrial vacuum to clear sweepings. A smoke evacuation check will be carried out at the end of the sweep.

On completion, you will receive a receipted invoice for the work (we also retain a copy), as proof that the chimney has been swept by a professional and competent sweep. Stuart will note down any observations and recommendations and discus these with you, and can offer advice on any problems or concerns you may have and how to get the best from your fire, chimney or appliance.

Alongside the sweep, we can also carry out a moisture check on any wood used as fuel FREE OF CHARGE if you would like us to.

We do ask that the fire is not used for 24 hours prior to the appointment, to ensure the flue has cooled. We will need a clear passage to the chimney and adequate space to work in. Could you please also remove any ornaments from the hearth and mantelpiece, and clear the grate of any fuel, ash or rubbish etc. before we arrive.


Chimney Cowl Fitting

chimney cowl fitting

We can supply and fit various chimney caps and cowls manufactured in the UK by Brewer Cowls, to the highest standards, and materials tested and certified, where required, to all current British and European Standards.

Brewer Cowls have manufactured chimney cowls and cowlings for more than 50 years and have developed one of the most comprehensive ranges of chimney cowls, chimney bird guards, chimney cappers and other cowlings to suit all systems and fuel types.


Carbon Monoxide Monitors

carbon monoxide monitor
Make sure you and your family are protected from carbon monoxide poisoning!

Did you know that there are approximately 50 deaths per year in the UK as a direct result of CO poisoning? Hundreds of more lives are also blighted with ongoing long-term debilitating health issues including brain damage, heart problems, memory loss and it can also result in behavioural and personality changes. So even if you were lucky enough to survive the escape of CO gas, the long-term effects associated with carbon monoxide can be totally devastating and can impact on you for the rest of your life.

We stock the Honeywell Analytics X-Series of battery-powered carbon monoxide alarms (XC70EN, XC100, XC100D), which we can supply at very competitive prices.

Honeywell is the UK’s leading manufacturer, with over 50 years' experience in gas detection and getting products right for customer’s needs, with every alarm being thoroughly tested prior to dispatch and approved to all the relevant standards. We do not recommend or supply cheap imported products.

Honeywell Monitors

Ropes, Firebricks and Glass

fire brick pile

Ropes -  We carry a wide selection of replacement fire door sealing ropes. This enables us to carry out installation straight away to make your appliance safe and efficient, and saves you having to arrange another appointment.

Fire Bricks -  Full sets of replacement fire bricks are a special order item, being supplied for your particular appliance. These can either be delivered directly to you for you to install yourself, or we are happy to return to do it for you. If you only need the odd brick replacing, we may be able to cut this to size on site as we usually carry a large sheet on the van.

Heat Resistant Replacement Glass –  We can supply it as a special order item.


Stove Thermometers and Stove Glass Cleaners 

stove thermometer

Firestorm Stove Magnetic Thermometer
Stove thermometers are designed to offer a guide to the temperature at which your stove is burning, enabling you to control your fuel usage.

TROLLULL Stove Glass Cleaners
The first dry cleaning pads for a clear view on your fire. They clean fast and scratch-free any stove glass. The pack contains 2 sponges.


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